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A recovering addict who is now away from his addiction for over 10 years conceived the idea for “Aasra”. “Aasra Foundation” would be a supporting hand for people suffering from the disease of addiction/alcoholism. Also for the society who would be interested in knowing about addiction/alcoholism – which is classified by WHO (World Health Organization) as a disease.

Aasra Foundation runs on the unique concept of a rehabilitation center where with the ongoing treatment the individual will be provided an opportunity to come into the main stream of life as fast as possible and become a productive & active member of society. A place which can be a home away from home – a half-way house-where the affected person is given full freedom to pursue his studies, vocation and Job in a very systematic and controlled atmosphere. In short this De-Addiction center can also be called as a vocational, therapeutic rehabilitation center.

This along with the facility of lock and key for those unwilling to change their ways or accept their problem of alcoholism/addiction – gives a much needed options for the friends & families of such individuals, where they can be rest assured of theirs wards treatment and well-being during their stay in Aasra. However the main intent remains to get everyone into the halfway house concept as soon as possible (Freedom with Responsibility)



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